“Dedicated to a partnership between the community and the police,
in a collective effort to improve the quality of life and to promote a safer community.”

The Placerville Police Department has a new Man Trailing Police Bloodhound, “Hangtown Hank” and his handler, Sergeant John W. Kunkle. This trailing team has been in service, in El Dorado county - California, since July 2008. We already have two confirmations and continue to further our training and education throughout the country from public donations. Our young Bloodhound "Hank" is solely used for Man Trailing purposes: finding missing children, lost adults or even fugitives on the run. The longtime utilized and proven Bloodhound is capable of trailing specific persons for long distances on aged trails in environments from urban streets to desolated forests in various weather conditions. Since a hound is never taught to bite or attack, it may be used on any level of criminal.

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